Straight Outta Central

It was Mrs. Dion’s fifth grade class where I first met the charismatic Wayne Rose. Let’s just say his smooth talking must have started at birth.  Even at age 10, he had girls vying for his looks and lines. I liked him off the bat.

Our friendship blossomed years later when we both attended Cape Cod Community College after graduating from Falmouth High School. I could sit here and write story after story or example upon example of how good Wayne’s heart is, but it would take weeks and, we simply don’t have that kind of time. However, there is one instance that sticks out most when I think of my good friend.

Wayne grew up on the “Ave.” This is Central Ave for you non-Falmouth folks. His house was literally a twenty second drive from Route 28, the well-populated Cape Cod highway

After high school, I still didn’t have my license. I was too lazy to take Driver’s Ed, which had its repercussions. Fortunately, I was able to hitch a ride my first day of college and remember seeing Wayne in the cafeteria.

We sat together, trying to eat, but found ourselves gawking at all the good looking girls passing by. I asked about his schedule which, thankfully, was similar to mine. The rest of our conversation probably went something like this.

“Bro, I don’t have my license…yet. You think I could roll with you tomorrow?”

“Damn, boy. What you waitin’ for?” He stopped laughing and smiled. “Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll swing through and grab you in the morning.”


What I haven’t mentioned is I grew up in Falmouth Heights, which was on the opposite side of town from Wayne. The rest of the school year, Wayne Rose backtracked to pick me up before heading off to Hyannis. It equaled to about twenty five extra miles a day for him and after about three weeks, he even stopped accepting my gas money, stating my money was “no good to him.”

This is just one story of how Wayne has put others before himself. Now Wayne needs my help. And he needs your help. He and his family are in a tough spot, so I’m sharing an important link. Please take time to read it and, if financially able, make a donation to Team Rosey and be there for him.




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