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Michael Palmer, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Last Surgeon

The Running Waves is far more than a coming of age book. It is a wonderful period piece and skillfully drawn family drama featuring brothers whom I quickly grew to care about. The Running Waves was an absorbing pleasure to read, and I could smell the salt air of ‘my’ Cape Cod on every page.

Casey Sherman, Bestselling author of The Finest Hours and Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains

Finally – a novel that captures the tone and tenor of the place where I grew up. The Running Waves shows us what lies beneath the beautiful imagery of Cape Cod where villagers are often torn between their own aspirations and a stubborn loyalty to the place they call home. The Murphy Brothers have found a big fan in me.

Brett Friedlander, co-author of Chasing Moonlight: The True Story of Field of Dreams’ Doc Graham

A riveting story about a gut-wrenching summer in which two brothers learn that in spite of their differences and the changes going on around them — including the cancellation of the World Series — they’re always going to be there for one another. T.M. Murphy and Seton Murphy ‘hit the Crescent Road sign on the fly’ with The Running Waves!

Raffi Yessayan, best-selling author of Eight in the Box and Two in the Hat

With its smart dialogue and recognizable characters, The Running Waves immerses the reader in the lives of the two Brennan brothers. It’s easy to get lost in Silver Shores, the small Cape Cod town created by T.M. and Seton Murphy. But this isn’t your grandparents’ Cape Cod. In a world rarely seen by those on the outside, The Running Waves reveals the dark side of life on the Cape as the Brennan brothers struggle to become men. As their lives spiral out of control it becomes more difficult to obey the family motto “Love one another and stick together.”

Jan Brogan, author of Teaser and the Hallie Ahern series

A journey of grief and growing up. You can smell the salt air in this engaging coming-of-age tale that brings the community and the desolation of the Cape to life.

JM, Cape Cod Magazine

Everything is beautiful and relaxing in the fictional Cape Cod summer town of Silver Shores in T.M. Murphy and Seton Murphy’s first novel, The Running Waves. But for nineteen-year-old Colin Brennan, all he can think about is the accident that took place the prior year – one that took the lives of his two best friends. As for Colin’s older brother Dermot, who wishes he could help console Colin, he is too preoccupied be his broken heart, along with other social setbacks. Both in similar emotional states, the two brother’s bond by coping with their tragedies, filling each day with drinking, baseball and music to block out the pain.

As Ted Murphy’s first novel (he has written several children books) and Seton Murphy’s first book, the two brothers collaboratively tell an emotionally invigorating story based upon their own lives, focusing on the struggles that young men are faced with while dealing with grief and adulthood.

Casey Guerin, writer for the Boston College independent newspaper, The Heights

Reading The Running Waves takes you into the heart of a summer tourist town and makes you feel like one of the locals. Characters you can really root for and connect make it an enjoyable read, but the deeper issues of substance abuse, first loves, and family connections make it impossible to put down. Anyone can relate to this novel, from sports buffs to college kids to families on the mend. The Brothers Murphy have concocted the perfect summer read recipe: equal parts music, baseball, beach, real-life drama, and in spite of it all, a healthy dose of fun and laughter.

Rebecca Donahue – and

The Running Waves is a novel that speaks to college students everywhere!

Summers are known for their magic. Summers on Cape Cod even more so. But The Running Waves takes this magic to a whole new level when the Murphy brothers reveal the underside of Cape Cod. Hidden behind the idyllic postcard pictures of sand and water is an ocean that running from and to can be simultaneous, an ocean that is capable of causing and healing the same pain. By the end of this book, Colin and Dermot Brennan and the people of Silver Shores become not just your best friends, but people you truly care about because you come to realize, just as they do, that you’ve been pulled along for this once-in-a-lifetime journey – mixed tapes, crazy parties, canceled baseball, long hours in the Island Ferry parking lot and all. This is a book not to miss. It reminds you just how deep that loyalty to Cape Cod actually runs.

Julia Cox, Freelance writer for The Cape Cod Times and

The Running Waves plunges the reader into the world of Silver Shores, Cape Cod, where the postcard ideal ends and human struggles begin. As stark and haunting as its subject matter is – the novel explores themes from addiction to grief, fear of failure to fear of success – T.M. Murphy and Seton Murphy have struck that often elusive balance: their story tackles the darker side of human life in a book that is terrifically fun to read. The lack of pretense in the prose and the laugh-out-loud humor make The Running Waves practically impossible to put down. Sympathetic in all their imperfections, the characters of Silver Shores will linger in readers’ minds long after the satisfying clap of the closing novel, and with its’ visual imagery, page-turning pace and punchy dialogue, film buffs will love the cinematic quality of the book. Let’s hope that the Murphy’s next project is the screenplay!

Andrew McAleer, #1 best-selling author of The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists and Mystery Writing in a Nutshell

The Running Waves by T.M. and Seton Murphy reveals in stylish, uncompromising prose, a Cape Cod milieu rarely — perhaps never — seen by outsiders who believe that the eroding headland is still Thoreau country. With spot-on, nut-and-bolt dialogue, the brothers Murphy paint masterfully, the struggling, blue-collar townies hell bent on getting out or going under. Irony, erudite wit, and the human condition astride page-after-page excitement and triumphant storytelling.