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Amy from Paxton, MA

First, I will begin with the ocean.   For me, the ocean is a religion.   A place first routed in childhood, solidifying into adulthood a place of refuge, solace, healing, love, beauty; essentially all bound in the unknown.  The sea evokes feeling, memories sometimes lost and sometimes found.  I thank my friend for recommending The Running […]

Sara from Yarmouth, MA

As authors Ted and Seton Murphy are brothers around my age (forty) and the story’s setting takes place in a time when the two central brother characters could have been the Murphy boys, set in their native Cape Cod town, two-and-two revealed a possibly autobiographical novel in THE RUNNING WAVES. Which is probably why the […]

Lisbeth from Newton, MA

Hey Murphy Brothers, I just finished your book this afternoon. Once I started it, I didn’t want to put it down. I spent several nights trying to decipher the coded references to local Falmouth landmarks, businesses and people. When I was growing up, I spent every summer in Falmouth, mostly on the beach; the beach […]

Sean from Falmouth, MA

I was going to type up a smart-guy, literary, praise-laden review here but I thought.. screw that.. I’ll just post the message I sent Seton after finishing the book.. it’s more real than anything I could put down trying to sound astute.. ***** Hey Seton, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell […]

Stephen from Hatchville, MA

The brothers Murphy “Hit one out of the park” with their co-written novel. The true essence of the coming of age struggles between brothers is masterfully described in The Running Waves. Whether the brother’s demons are failed love, or the bottle, or both, Colin and Dermot’s lives are captivatingly depicted in this “page turner” of […]