Straight Outta Central

It was Mrs. Dion’s fifth grade class where I first met the charismatic Wayne Rose. Let’s just say his smooth talking must have started at birth.  Even at age 10, he had girls vying for his looks and lines. I liked him off the bat. Our friendship blossomed years later when we both attended Cape Cod Community […]

So You Think You Can Ball?

In 2008, Falmouth native, Bobby Gonsalves felt it imperative to give back to his community. He wanted to create an event that would reach a mass demographic. A sports fanatic since childhood, Bobby’s brainstorming quickly resulted in “Bobby G’s” first annual three on three basketball tournament. This coming Saturday 7/21 will mark the fifth year. Please come down […]

Johnny Quahog

Live. Give. And Relax.

“Surround yourself with positive people.” It’s an old saying but one my parents drilled into our heads. There have been a couple of times when I’ve forgotten those words and I have been reminded the hard way. But you pick yourself up and keep going forward. So today the Murphy Brothers want to celebrate that […]

We’re all in this together

I just want to take time and thank all who have donated to my bike ride for Best Buddies Challenge on June 2nd. We all know this is not the best time economically, so your contributions are greatly appreciated. I am extremely excited and honored to be participating in this fundraiser. It’s been a solid […]

The Truth? Bleed Green or Go Home

Saturday night the Boston Celtics will battle the Philadelphia 76ers in game seven during the second round NBA playoffs. This season has surely had its ups and downs. There were trade rumors (Rajon Rondo) and signing rumors (David West) at the beginning. We lost Jeff Green to a heart ailment. (Get well soon) And the […]


Passed the Mic

It feels like only yesterday I was riding in my friend’s Hyundai while he bumped the Beastie Boys album Check Your Head. The album had just been released and it quickly became the soundtrack to our lives. It was unlike anything I’d ever heard before and was the sole reason I became more receptive to […]

Anything is Possible

I was working on Chapter Three while Ted worked on Chapter Four when some lingering personal issues were causing me self-doubt. My confidence was low. While writing The Running Waves it was fascinating how many ups and downs occurred. Instead of focusing on the chapter in front of me, I let my worries act as […]