Amy from Paxton, MA

First, I will begin with the ocean.   For me, the ocean is a religion.   A place first routed in childhood, solidifying into adulthood a place of refuge, solace, healing, love, beauty; essentially all bound in the unknown.  The sea evokes feeling, memories sometimes lost and sometimes found.  I thank my friend for recommending The Running Waves.  Brothers Seton and T.M Murphy have captured this time of innocence, deep connections with family and friendship. The reader travels like running waves from the carefree days of childhood to the trials and heartbreak of adulthood intertwined with music, movies, laughter and loss.  Loss of love, the forever lost and the forever found.  We may walk the path of life not always realizing the universe provides signs to guide us, it certainly lead me to this book.  I lost my mother and it has helped me to know we are not alone in the struggle of dealing with significant loss; we have family, friends to lean on. They are the shining beacon on the horizon sending light when we are lost in the darkness.  The Running Waves is a gift, please accept this brilliant story, and surround yourself with the ocean and a well written chance to experience a journey worth taking.  Unforgettable.



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