The Mix Tape

Around the time we began working on The Running Waves, Seton and I found a box our old mix tapes from the early nineties. We remembered how important music was to us growing up, and knew that we had to include music in our book. We feel that the songs are not just a backdrop in TRW, but they are also characters. There is a story behind every song we chose, and those stories will come out during our book tour. These songs also gave us major inspiration (especially Feel Us Shaking by The Samples) while we worked away on the book. T.R.W. is currently going through final edits so not all of the songs will make the published edition, but we thought we’d include them here. Readers may want to try and track them down (most are on iTunes) to make their own Running Waves play list for their ipod. That way when they read The Running Waves (release May 2010) they may feel even more connected to 1994.

The Running Waves Mix Tape

Wise Up – Bim Skala Bim
Left of the Dial – The Replacements
Where’d You Go – Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Git up, Get out – Outkast
Sea Shanty – The Pogues
Change – Blind Melon
Cannonball – The Breeders
Nutshell – Alice in Chains
Sabotage – The Beastie Boys
Sunshine Superman – Donovan
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – DaDa
Alone – Blues Traveler
Tomorrow – U2
Nightswimming – R.E.M.
Blue Sky – The Allman Brothers Band
The Day I Tried To Live – Soundgarden
Medicine Bow – The Waterboys
Far, Far, Away From My Heart – BoDeans
Holding Onto You – Opositive (Not on iTunes – Go to
Tears (acoustic version) – Chameleons U.K.
Red Hill Mining Town –U2
Little Guitars – Van Halen
Leave Me Alone – New Order
She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult
Bonzo Goes to Bitburg – The Ramones
Vapour Trail – Ride
I’m Allowed – Buffalo Tom
Pieces of The Night – Gin Blossoms
Every Little Counts – New Order
I Burn For You – The Police
Let’s Live for Today – The Grass Roots
Blackhole – Beck
Last Goodbye – The Jeff Buckley Band
Feel Us Shaking – The Samples

Other bands mentioned – Cliffs of Dooneen, Echo and The Bunnymen, A Tribe Called Quest, The Cure, and Big Head Todd and The Monsters!